This is where I will keep all my past writings, this may include essays, biographies etc. Hell it may even include some of my brothers writings. This will be updated more and more over time.

Since I have moved from school to school I have lost the far majority of my essays and such, the only ones I would Be able to recover are ones I had printed out, but even then I wouldn't be suprised to find practically none. I will try my best to record my old writings.

Make note that I had a lot of joke writings, for example ones that described the mind of a pedophile, or the manifesto of a racist wanting genocide, I'll probably not include the one about genocide. These were simply meant to apease my friends and meant as a laugh. These writings are practically copypastas in our discord.

I really do wish I had tried a little harder to preserve my writings. I remember specifically that the Japanese school contacted me telling me that they would terminate the account in a week, and that I had to take all the things I want from it. Of course me, being the idiot that I was, was more concerned about my Runescape acount, and spents hours grinding just so I coukd keep my subsription. Japan was where I started actually developing writing skills as that's where an awesome teacher, and probably my favorite teacher of all time, recomended me to read. I did and ever since I have been honing my writing skill through reading without even realising it.

I will probably be forced to write more stories, and when I do I will be sure to upload the finished product on this website, have hope that this never dies. Please pay attention to the warings and the age of the writings. I hope you recognise that even right now I'm fifteen and though I try my best, I'm not particularly amzing at the whole writing biz; with that out of the way, enjoy!